Friday, 17 August 2012

You paint BUMPS...

Thats the normal reaction i get when i tell people that as a face and body painter i also do gestational painting (bumps).  Not everyones cup of tea  I know but for those that i do get the privilege to paint it is a special experience and one that i see celebrates pregnancy and is of course a gorgeous keepsake for after when that special bundle of joy has appeared.

What sort of things do i paint on them... well anything they want!  It may be something special and meaningful to them, inspiration from a painting, anything really... but each and everyone will always come with spots (my little trademark in face and body painting) and glitter.

Does the baby like it...of course! Usually they stay fast asleep, but sometimes you get the odd foot and hand moving out, which normally happens just as ive put the brush to skin and i get the random squiggle :-))

Why do people get it done... from the ladies ive painted its a keepsake of their pregnancy and normally something to surprise their partners with... you wouldnt believe how many 'flash' their husbands after the painting.  Ive painted at baby showers, whilst their partners and children have been their, usually  painting the little ones as well so theyre included in the experience and even when i working both full time and any face painting jogs, impromptu paintings usually quite fun (have a look at the halloween one).


  1. Hi Sam. I love those bumps. But you will really really REALLY need to get one of these now. I have just found this video on You Tube and can't wait to emboss flet and other fabrics..You will need to copy and paste the link. Then when you have looked at it you an look at 'cutting edge crafts' and drool over the dies :-)

  2. I did try to preview that but it posted so you got my spelling mistakes.. Lets try again. You can emboss felt and you can look at cutting edge crafts .

    Must try harder :-)