Sunday, 12 August 2012

Here Goes...

Well heres my very first post on my very first blog, feels quite scary!

Im hoping that i can share with you the things i create, my ideas and hopefully share lots of things that i like and hopefully you will too!

A little about me… i live in a little village in Durham, England with my partner and my son. Apart from the human loves of my life my next one is crafting, especially painting… im a professional face painter with my own business and for the past year have also been painting wooden bits in decorative painting style amongst others – think im finding my niche now.

My inspiration comes from all around, especially nature and architecture and i love taking photos of flowers, insects anything really whilst im out and about, especially where i work… a bit more about that later…

Ive just found out after many years that i now like to bake, sweet stuff of course, so unfortunately you will be subjected to my successess and failures (well the burnt bits) of my journey through the sweet stuff.

I hope you stay around and keep popping in.
Samantha (Sam) x

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