Friday, 24 August 2012

A little bit excited...

Yep a little bit excited as tomorrow we're off to Scotland for a well deserved weeks holiday.

We've hired this little cottage just on the edge of the Galloway Forest, theres myself, my partner Dave and my son Brandon going and we've lots to look forward too!  Dave works in Dumfries & Galloway so has been reccying lots for us to do, including visiting Kagyu Samye Ling - a Tibetan Buddhist Centre.

Myself and Dave have been to before and loved the place, so   Im not regligious and dont really follow a faith but this place seems magical, there just seems a tranquil, peaceful feel about it, really can't explain i think its something that you have to go and see for yourself.

Were also going to hopefully go and see some Red Kites feeding, as part of a breeding programme for these stunning birds, definately a perfect photo opportunity as well as having a go at the UK's longest zip slide, at 820meteres i cant wait, yep im some sort of  height freak!  Ive done quite a few aerial courses including the 100ft high one at the Climbing Centre in Edinburgh and a zip slide of the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, at 225ft high over the River Tees the vertical climb, well it felt like one was the worst part,  though i found this one a bit slow!
So the cars all loaded, just need to put my paints and some of my new brushes in that i received today from the amazing Kyla over at Limelight Co, Australia. She held a competition on facebook that i entered along with a lot of over facepainters and as usual you think youve not got a chance of winning so you can guess the surprise at winning this set of fantastic brushes, especially as theyve just more or less hit our shores here in UK.  So ive decided to split them, the more petite, finer brushes i will use with my acrylic painting for Tinks Things and the rest for my face painting with Tinks Faces.

Sorry its not a great pic, taken on Blackberry with very shaky hand, think it was the excitement :-))
Ooh and one more for today.  Dont know if you remember but ive been following Blueberry Heart blog and decided that id join the Autumn/Halloween swap, well today i found out my partner for whom im to swap a box of goodies with, and its none other than the lovely Blueberry Heart lady herself, Kerry!  So im now off on a hunt for some gorgeous bits and got lots of ideas of lovely things to make! But sorry im not going to tell as i know she follows my blog and would hate to spoil the surprise.
So hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend whatever youre doing and ill pop back soon!
Sam x 


  1. oooh, for a split second I thought there were going to be some clues :-)!!! Saying as its grey and rainy today, my plans for a walk around the Gibside have been thwarted somewhat, so I'm going to be planted in my crafty spot 'playing' with bits and bobs for the swap. Now to attack that stash box for supplies...!
    Have a great time on that zip wire!
    BH x

  2. Hope you are enjoying Scotland Sam n' gang. Tony and I are just back from Kent. Had a fab time and was sad to leave but it is really good to be home. Now I can practice one stroke painting. I ordered wooden hearts when I left our session the other day and was dead chuffed to see them in the mail box when we got home today. :-) Ho Hum will I ever be half as good at painting as you.?

  3. Hi there, just to let you know I am all ready with the swap, so whenever you are. If you could please email me with your address details and we can arrange when to post.
    Hope you had a good holiday
    BH x

  4. Hi Sam,
    Just in case you cant find my email address it is: