Monday, 8 April 2013

Im back...

Wow! Where has the past 5 months gone... in a blur id say.

As i mentioned in my previous post id just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and was starting medication, first batch seemed to be working so decided to go back to work. Well that lasted one day, symptoms kicked off again and that was me off work for the next 3 months.... and what a long 3 months that was. Over that time i went through so many emotions, tiredness, depression, anxiety, short spells of feeling somewhat 'normal' and boredom. Yep even with all my painting and craftiness to do i was still bored, or was it more the fact that i had no motivation, unfortunately that and the palpatations are possibly two of the symptoms that i am still struggling with, even 5 months down the line.

'Brain Fog' - yet another symptom

One thing i found on the internet to get me through this was the 365 project . This i found invaluable in getting my motivation going and my butt out of the house! So much that i even managed to fill one whole month! The idea behind the project is photography - to take a picture for each day of the year - unfortunately ' let it lapse as since i've gone back to work, i've also changed my job.

Whilst on the sick i was in contact with work and HR and on my return had a meeting with Occ Health. It was suggested that as a post was coming up for secondment at a sister park for the post of Events/Education Officer, with no late shifts, heavy lifting etc then i should be put forward for it. Fantastic a new challenge, new environment, new life! So i've been there now for just over a month and guess what... im writing this today off on the sick.. yep seem to have overdone it last week and now thyroid symptoms alive and kicking!  Is there no end nor balance to this, if anyone's got the answer please let me know as i'm struggling to find a balance and i know i should try and slow down but if i slow down any more ill stop!

Anyway enough of my woes... lets get on to the crafty bits!

Ive been adding some new bits to Tinks Things over the past few months and seem to have finally found my style - mixed media meets whimsical primitive country folk painting, though this can also be either or!

'Twinkle Twinkle' Hanging Star

Family of Easter bunnies, some painted, some papered!

Mixed media key hook rack

'Dolly Danglies'

And my latest  favourite make.....

Mini beach hut canvas

Oh and ive also just got my first Big Shot from Stampin' Up and some lovely other pieces but more about that later! 

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