Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Does anyone else trawl through facebook and think oh no another scam when they see posts for marketing companies. Do you also think ill sign up and ill get nothing, they advertise all these fantastic products, promise to send them out etc, yep so do i... well i did, that was until i signed up yesterday to BzzAgent  https://www.bzzagent.co.uk/index.jsp

Simply all you do is sign up, answer some surveys, usually just one question and not very taxing about various products, services, just so they can get an idea of your lifestyle etc. Then wait for an invite to an campaign based on your answers, accept the invite and hey bingo a product, services (usually for free or they send vouchers for discounts) out, you write review on facebook, twitter, blog, share with your family and friends and thats it!

As i say i only signed up yesterday, today there were some more quick surveys, answered them took all of about 4 mins and now ive got 2 boxes of Halls XS peppermint and 2 boxes of Halls XS lemon now coming my way!  Not at all glamourous but with this cold lingering im sure they're going to come in handy!  Now you might have to wait a month or so but the more surveys and talking you do the more chance you have of partaking and if youre on your laptop everyday trawling then whats 5 mins!

So as soon as they turn up, ill let you know what i think about them!

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