Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fathers Day Goodies...

A little something for my Dad this Fathers Day. I love making things for anyone for any occassion and none so much as for my Dad.

This year as moneys a little tight i though i would just get a selection of a few of his favourite sweet things and the obligatory pair (s) of socks - though he did ask for some for my sisters wedding!

I decided with the tash theme as my Dad has had one since i can ever remember, though he once shaved it off and looked nothing like my Dad which was quite scary.  I thought that the ties also 'tied' in quite nicely - sorry.

I used quite a few different sites for the downloadables:

The Dads Stash - Print Your Party 

Tie Bunting - The Cottage Market

Slightly Nutty... - Stronarmor Blogspot - this is actually a bar of fruit and nut!

Sweet Jar Tie Template found here Martha Stewart

Tag is a wooden tag, covered with free paper download from Sizzix via Facebook ,
 sentiment is stamped mulberry paper.

So we're off tomorrow for a Fathers Day Picnic, ill pop off and get a cake on the way to put the bunting on and pray that the rain don't pour.

What ever you're doing tomorrow, wether your Dad is still here or watching down on you, give them a hug or send them a kiss and remember that you will always be your Daddy's Little Girl x

Sam x


  1. You have excelled yourself Sam! What a great gift idea..Sandra

  2. Hello
    I'm your Autumn Glow swap partner! I've added e-mail contact to my blog so hope to hear from you.

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